Kysilko Engineering


For our single-purpose machines we develop and provide complete automation solution with visualisation of process. Part of our services is to supply of automation solutions for our single-purpose equipment or the development of software customized for your equipment.

Engineering & Simulations

We use expertise gained from the Automotive, Aerospace and Oil & Gas industries to design, manufacture and commissioning our single-purpose machines. Also we are providing our services for small projects such as simple parts.


We also participate at quality control. We do quality inspection, reverse engineering and fixation tools. We use Hexagon Absolute Arm devices for scanning. Evaluation is processed within InnovMetric Polyworks Suite.

Valuable experience in design, manufacture and commissioning of single-purpose machines.

About us

After a closer acquaintance with your We are a young, time and project flexible consulting company with valuable experience in strength calculations. Every customer problem is a special challenge for us, in which we put all our efforts to deliver a technically exceptional and optimized solution for the customer's needs. This is also why we strive to continuously educate and innovate our resources.

Our solutions are completely focused on the customer's needs. We take a holistic approach to the entire process, starting with the identification of the existing situation, through the design and analysis of the solution to its implementation. We strive to approach each challenge individually and deliver solutions that enable the customer to more effectively approach their goals., we will design the equipment and give you a non-binding quotation.

Members of our team

Vít Kysilko

Technical Manager

+421 950 662 835

Petr Kysilko

Automation Engineer

+420 733 213 634

Soňa Kysilková

Office Manager

+421 950 662 835

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